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Welcome to the MassTLC Education Foundation Blog!

The Ed Foundation is the  501c3 nonprofit arm of MassTLC.  With close to 600 corporate members, MassTLC is the region’s largest association of technology companies and its investors in Massachusetts.

In January 2013 the Foundation re-launched with a Mission to increase the number of  students pursuing computing education and careers. We’ve been busy building connections and resources for educators and students to learn more about computing, and rallying the tech sector’s support of activities and initiatives that:

  1.      Spark students’ interest in computing
  2.      Teach computing skills
  3.      Introduce kids to jobs in computing

Why this focus?

MassTLC companies have cited access to technology talent as one of three top barriers to growth in our region, and with the rapid rate of innovation taking place across all sectors, the need for skilled tech workers is only going to increase. The reality?  No matter what career or academic path a student pursues in the future, those who understand how to build technology will have advantage over those who only know how to consume it.

Did you know?

  • Computing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. growing at 2x the national average with more than two – thirds of computing jobs coming from outside the tech sector.
  • Computing jobs pay 75 percent more than the national median annual salary.
  • Companies can’t find enough qualified people to fill available computing jobs, and less than five percent of U.S. students are seeking to learn about computer programming. *

And yet…

  • In most MA high schools computer science counts as an elective, not a math or science
  • There is no k-12 Computer Science teacher licensure in the state
  • Only 1000 students in Massachusetts took AP CS in 2012.  559 passed and of those 559 only 24 were underrepresented minorities and 89 were female.
Our Vision is for all students in Massachusetts to have access to computing education and we are committed to cultivating  the next generation of tech innovators in the state.

You can be a part of making this happen. Consider volunteering in our Hour of Code Campaign and/or contribute links to our resource pages.  For regular updates about our activities and interesting articles, tools and research on computing be sure to follow us on twitter at @masstlcef.

Let’s connect and drive change together!

*data source: and bureau of labor statistics

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