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Looking for a coding lesson?How about a poster?
Looking for a coding lesson?

Looking for an activity?
Need some lesson ideas?

Check out this collection of activities
for all ages, all skill levels,
and all varieties of access to technology!

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How about a poster?

How about a poster
to promote your event?

Download and print this awesome poster to promote #csedweekMA in your school, library or community center!

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Volunteer at Museum of Science!Volunteer in Waltham on Friday 12/8!Volunteer in Somerville!Volunteer with Boston Public Schools!Assist in a classroom near you!
Volunteer at Museum of Science!

Volunteer over the weekend
of December 9th or 10th!

Easier to volunteer over the weekend?
Sign up with the Museum of Science and help out with their #csedweekMA activities

Volunteer @ MoS

Volunteer in Waltham on Friday 12/8!

Waltham Hour of Code™

Waltham is doing an all district #csedweekMA Hour of Code™ on Friday, December 8th – and they need volunteers!

Volunteer in Waltham

Volunteer in Somerville!

Volunteer in a Somerville classroom!

The city of Somerville has THEIR ENTIRE DISTRICT celebrate #csedweekMA – and they need volunteers in classrooms!

Volunteer in Somerville

Volunteer with Boston Public Schools!

Boston Public Schools –

Are you in tech or interested in Computer Science? Share that interest and passion with a BPS student! One hour of your time could change a student’s future.

Volunteer at BPS!

Assist in a classroom near you!

Sign up to help a classroom during the week!

Register with code.org and local teachers will be able to find you to assist with their #csedweekMA activities!

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Register Your Event!Missed the info webinars?Get your event in the local paper!
Register Your Event!

Having a CS EdWeek
or Hour of Code™ event?

Register your event with Hour of Code™
and put Massachusetts on the map
to make #csedweekMA even BIGGER!

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Missed the info webinars?

Not sure where to start?
Looking for more info?

If you missd the info webinars on #csedweekMA, you can still get the presentation here.

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Get your event in the local paper!

Get your event covered
by your local paper!

Use this Media Advisory to notify your local paper about your event –
maybe they’ll report on #csedweekMA in your community!

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Take a look at these
from previous CS EdWeek activities!

Please contact Rachel Nicoll with any questions or for more information.