Technovation 2017 Badges

New for 2017! Badges for accomplishments throughout the Technovation curriculum.

Submitting materials to get a team badge ‘opens’ the week that teams should be completing that task, or near completion.
All teams that meet the requirements to earn the badge will receive a digital badge for their team homepage,
plus up to 7 stickers for team members and mentors.

All badge submissions reflect Technovation team submission requirements, the 2017 judging rubric,
the schedule of the 12-week curriculum, and recommended milestones.

All submissions are confidential on this site
and will be reviewed by Rachel Nicoll, the MA Regional Ambassador.

Badges that are ‘open’ for submission have green buttons.
Badge submissions are open until May 7th.



Opens February 6th

What’s your app? How does it align with the 6 Technovation themes of the UN Sustainable Development Goals?



Opens February 13th

What’s your mission statement?
Who and what are your demographics?



Opens February 27th

Show off your paper prototype!



Opens March 13th

Senior Division: This is a first draft submission of all parts of the business plan as outlined in the Business Plan Checklist.
Junior Division: Review the Business Plan Checklist, but you can use this Basic Business Plan worksheet to submit your business plan.



Opens April 3rd

Finally got your code working?
Mostly? At least 3 screens?
Let’s see it!